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Take a look below for our full costs. We have broken down our pricing strategy so that you can get an idea for the level of clearance you will need and an estimate of how long each collection should take. If you are unsure about the size of waste materials you have and the cost which is associated with it, please contact our team and one of our experts will visit. Or send a couple of photos for one of our experts to analyze. Call us on 01737 902 079 or 07496 427 721

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Office Clearance Redhill

1 Cubic Yard

100kg Max

15 Minutes Labour 

2 Man Loading



House Clearance Redhill

1/4 Load

250kg Max

45 Minutes Labour

2 Man Labour



Rubbish Clearance Reigate

1/2 Load

500kg Max

60 Minute Labour

2 Man Loading



Office Clearance Reigate

3/4 Load

750kg Max

90 Minute Labour

2 Man Loading


House Clearance Reigate

Full Load Max (12 Yard Skip)

1250kg Max

120 Minute Labour

2-3 Man Loading


Extras Break Down

We take many different materials and waste products, here is a the breakdown for materials which are more complicated to dispose of safely and with no impact to the environment

+£3 Florescent Tubes

+£5 Tyres

+£8 TV Monitors

+£8 Gas Bottle

+£25 Fridge

+£25 Mattresses 

Fully Licensed

When you work with us you can rest assured that we are fully licensed and registered to undertake any waste disposal job. This means that we have been checked through and vetted to insure that our practises are safe and following the strict guidelines of Surrey & Sussex County Councils.

Recycling Experts

All of our clearing jobs are carried out with the environment in mind. With a wide range of knowledge we know of the safest and cleanest ways to dispose of a wide range of materials. Where we can we look to upcycle and give old pieces of furniture a second life.

Domestic & Commercial

We carry out work for both commercial and domestic clients being able to cope with the different challenges of both. Working with yourself we can schedule regular picks ups to help ensure your business is running as smoothly as possible.

Caterham Office Clearance
Caterham Rubbish Clearance
Caterham House Clearance
Office Clearance
Rubbish Clearance

Talk To Our Team

Get in touch with our team to arrange a date where we can help clear your project site or property. Either use the phone numbers below to contact us directly or use the contact form. Just simply leave you name, phone number, address and service which you require and one of our team will be in touch to discuss.

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We are a team that are committed to recycling and restricting the need of landfill

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