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We are your local experts in waste disposal, specializing in recycling and minimizing the use of landfill. Our team are ready and prepared to undertake any size of project site and property

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Welcome to Surrey & Sussex Recycling!

We are your local disposal experts who care. With our deep knowledge of recycling and the effect that waste can have on the environment, we are committed to providing a service which is 100% environmentally friendly. We are constantly looking for better alternatives to landfill. Working with us you can be 100% sure that the waste you want disposed of is done safely and within moral and lawful methods.

Being in the industry for so long has meant we have seen a rise in demand for landfill free disposal, this is a demand which we have risen to meet. We take pride in our work knowing that we are help to do our bit to dampen the effects on the planet.

Take a look through our site and see the types of waste which we are prepared to dispose of and the cost for this service. We have clients in both the commercial and domestic section, each bring their own challenges but challenges which we can constantly overcome.

What We Can Do

General Rubbish

Hazardous Material  

Builder's Waste


Office Clearance

Garden Waste

Caterham Office Clearance
Caterham Rubbish Clearance
Caterham House Clearance
Office Clearance
Rubbish Clearance

Fully Licensed

When you work with us you can rest assured that we are fully licensed and registered to undertake any waste disposal job. This means that we have been checked through and vetted to insure that our practices are safe and following the strict guidelines of Surrey & Sussex County Councils.

Areas Of Operation

We cover an area of 20 miles from Reigate, supplying a 24/7 service to help fit our service around your project and work life

Recycling Process

We take recycling very seriously. Doing what we actively can to salvage and reuse waste which could be used again. Anything which we find that can’t have a second lease of life goes through to a licensed commercial recycling facility - avoiding landfill.


Garage Clearance

Old Mattresses 

Loft Clearance

Domestic Fridges 

Household Appliances 

Garden Waste

Dismantling and Demolition Work

Weekly Collection


Office Clearance 


Builder's Waste

Scrap Metal

Electrical Disposal 

Hazardous Materials 

Dismantling and Demolition Work

Weekly Collection

Environment & Recycling

As a company which deals in a large amounts of different materials we have discovered the need to properly dispose of these in the safest and cleanest way possible. As we have grown as a company we have invested and researched in the methods which minimize the effect on the environment. We have started the idea of upcycling, where we give waste a second lease of life and bring it back to its former glory or give it a completely different purpose.

Rubbish Clearance Redhill

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About Us

We are a team that are committed to recycling and restricting the need of landfill

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Commercial & Domestic Clients

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Rubbish Clearance Redhill

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